Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wounded Dove
You can't understand or stand
yourself, reprimand or
demand yourself to
"really" change.

You say you've learned YOUR
lessons about love.

Yet, you set them all free like
wounded doves, saying,
"Fend! Fend for your-

Ansd now you can't control the
motions "freed", by your
complex emotionality.

I tried to catch you but you just
flew away...

And now I've told you what I
must do. And that involves
not seeing you, so go

Fend. Fend for yourself.
What is love to you
and I? Is it the same thing
we feel inside? The thing that makes
us feel alive and thrive and gives us the drive
to try to make it work through any fight? --Or flight
into the unseen and the unexpected? The painful things
when life redirected what we thought would happen into what
it became? Yet through it all we stayed the same throughout all
of the changes. WHY? Because we have love. Patient and kind
and never keeping record of wrongdoings but forgiving in the
truth that sets it free to be what it is; purely a gift
from God. Beautiful. Mountain moving, strong
beyond any pain's grasp, never letting go
like a holy clasp that binds two people
and makes them one; like all of the
energies that empower the sun.
Hoping all things, believing
all things, growing from all
things and becoming closer
from all things!
My Life. Thank you Jehovah!
I was an abused child.
I knew what I went through was wrong.
I knew the shame I felt was undeserved.
I knew what was happening was not right.
I knew that God was there. He told my heart
that it would be okay. I remember as an eight
year old child that I would never do these things
to my child someday. I saw creulty, violence and
felt many a painful blow, both physically and verbally.
I was abused all ways. Yet, I was never alone. I felt
God was with me and through it all, He made me a strong,
"good-girl". I never told until I was 17 years old because
I talked about how I forgave to a friend from high school.
I forgave and I became like steel; molded by fire. I never
became cold or withdrawn or any of the things psychology books
declare because science is not stronger than the true power of God!
God taught me to "feel" the abuse in other people and to teach them
about Him and how He can make "all things work for good to those
who love Him, to those called according to His' purpose".
I lived it. I overcame it all because of He who loved me through it all.
How can I keep it to myself when He gave me back everything I "should"
have been and made me who I am today?
I am a witness to the fact that with God, anything is possible!